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Don't Do It Yourself Virtual Assistant Services

Culture and Vibe Marketing for Creative Leaders



My name is Santina and I am the Owner and CEO of DDIYVAS, also known as, Don't Do It Yourself Virtual Assistant Services. 

DDIYVAS was born in 2020, admist the pandemic, after bittersweetly closing my in-person dance studio, that I built from the ground up. During my 4 years, I ended up teaching 400 students aged 2-12 each week, and growing a studio culture and community that was undeniably the go-to in the area. 

Fast forward to now, I support Studios/Schools, Dance/Fitness Brands/Businesses, and Child-Related Businesses, as a Biz Bestie, through Virtual Assistance, Social Media Management, and Podcast Coordination. 

I'm thrilled to bring my experience, knowledge, tried and true approaches, enthusiasm, no BS detail oriented brainstorming self, to be a part of the industry in an innovative way. 

My aim... to CAPTURE and SPOTLIGHT the 'human' and 'culture' behind every business I work with. 


If you're in the industry and...

You're interested in chatting to potentially work together, my 1:1 spots are currently full 👇🏻

At DDIYVAS, there are four things that rule the roost in all the work I do!

Known as my Four C's

AND -- you're in the right
spot if you value these too!


Done for you Services

You never have to pick and choose which package you want. I believe in flexibility and being able to choose what you need, when you need it! That's why all these services are included in 1:1 Bizmate support. 


Virtual Assistance

Think 'mundane' tasks that don't light you up = what I nerd out on!


Everything from website creation, design and management to copywriting, class/event registration maintenance to automation/system creation.

P.S I love to talk strategy!


Social Media Management

We're talking all things social media!

From creating content to scheduling, engagement to community management, repurposing to writing captions, analytics and stats to trial and erroring to find what works, strategy to implementation.

Fav Platforms: Instagram, YouTube Shorts, YouTube, Tik Tok


Podcast Management

Envision pressing record, doing your thing, and handing everything over to someone else to take care of. 

From outreach to guest management, editing to publishing, shownote creation to transcription, audiogram/quote graphic creation to publishing. 

The possibilities are endless!

Other Ways To Be In My World

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I've been working with Santina for almost 2 years. She is worth every penny. Her enthusiasm and encouragement are super motivating. I just had the parent of a student (own a dance studio) approach me to ask who wrote my latest email introducing a new adult class. He said it was the best written marketing email he's ever received and that he wanted to join the class based on that alone. And you know who wrote that email... Santina! What better feedback could there be?!?!?!”

Megan Logee, Carroll County Dance Center and Ballet Conservatory

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