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Let's be real...

Emails are always one of the
'marketing' options that fall off the list.

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We have social media, which is 1000% super important, AND so are emails, especially ones that capture your studio vibe, culture, and environment.

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That's Why...

I've created my Enrollment Boost Email Pack with 5 plug and play emails that will help nurture your current students, re-engage your past students, and keep you front of mind with your potential (I'm thinking trial) students.

All you have to do is copy and paste them into your email marketing system, add your pics, switch out some of the language used (don't worry, I guide you through all of this) and WELLA! You're done!

This pack will chunk down the amount of work you have to do by at least half. Literally watch the clicks and enrollments come through!!!

You'll Get ...

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