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Holiday Deals

Available 11/20 - 12/31

Deal 1

Enrollment Boost Email Pack


💥 Video introduction explaining how to use the template emails

💥 Five plug and play emails

💥 Guided instructions of what to switch out where

Deals 2 & 3

Just Graphics! Monthly Membership

Your creative rescue is here! 

The hybrid mix of done-for-you graphics and learning how-to design on Canva & Instagram.

Elevate Your Visuals, Brand, and Business, with up-to 3 (Graphics Sampler) or 5 (Graphics Plus) Stunning Creations Every Month!


Cancel anytime.

Deal 4

PRESALE: Culture Content 101

A comprehensive, beginner-friendly course, designed for individuals eager to dive into the dynamic world of culture and vibe content creation on social media platforms.

This step-by-step guide will help you move from not knowing HOW to approach culture and vibe content TO gaining the confidence you need to BEGIN creating content that spotlights and captures your brand or business, in a unique AF way.

If you love a 'do it at your own pace' style with the option to still have support from me, you're going to love the delivery and format of this course.

I'm not one for giving you the goods and leaving you out in the pastures to figure it all out.

Literally, NO-ONE is talking about this approach, and that's because it's an approach I've adopted to help me, my businesses, and my BizMates, stand out online.

Deal 5

The Studio Spotlight BootCamp

Boost Enrollment through awareness/visibility using IG/FB stories!


Join anytime + FOREVER access. 

28 days of consistently showing up on your stories to shine a spotlight on your studio/school culture, vibe, environment, philosophy, values, and more.

Using your IG/FB stories, I'll help you stand out online and increase awareness around your classes and studio/school, so you're top of mind to potential, past, and current, families and students, CHOOSING YOU this season!

Oh and ps... there's a community tied to this BootCamp and within the same space. Perfect for asking questions, getting extra support, chatting with others, and so much more. 

Deal 6

VIP Event/Show Experience

Get 20% off my day rate inside The VIP Event/Show Experience PLUS a bonus GLOW UP YOUR SOCIALS week... when you complete the interest form during my Black Friday Deal and pay your 30% deposit by Friday, December 22nd.

You're not required to pay anything up front, since I need to understand all the moving pieces to provide you an estimate. You're also not locked in unless you accept the quote, in which case, the next step is signing off on a contract with the deposit.

The VIP Event/Show Experience is designed to help fill that gap of not having a dedicated person capture the amazing hard work that goes into the preparation and day of your event/show.

Not only will I be capturing those moments for you, I will be highlighting and spotlighting them on your socials (in your stories) so we can take your community along the ride with us. They’ll get a first hand peek at behind the scenes footage, day of footage, and so much more that contributes to building the culture of your business, brand, or company.

And at the end, you get all of these moments for future use. So really, it’s a double whammy!

With the GLOW UP YOUR SOCIALS bonus week, I'll also create content, that you review and I share for you, including 2 reels and 1 static post, to keep the hype going after the event/show is complete.

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