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Just Graphics!™️ Membership

The hybrid mix of done-for-you graphics and learning how-to design on Canva & Instagram!

Are you running a studio, school, or a dynamic brand in the realms of

dance, fitness, wellness, or children?

We're talking:

> Studio/School: Dance, Music, Vocal, Performing Arts, Theater, Acting, Acrobatics, Gymnastics

> Dance/Fitness/Wellness/Child-Related: Coach, Consultant, Educator, Gym, Boutique Gym, Mentor, Artist, Performer, Daycare, Preschool, Speaker, Author, Holistic Practitioner, Competition Creator

Do you wish you had stunning graphics to make your online presence pop, but find yourself tangled in the web of design woes? 

Or do you wish you had graphics for other avenues in your business like your website, blogs, flyers, etc.?

I really do.gif

Fret not, because your creative rescue is here!

🎉 What's Inside Your Creative Oasis? 🎉

🎨 Monthly Canva Magic:


Say goodbye to design struggles! Each month, you'll receive specially crafted graphics, tailor-made for your brand.

No tech headaches, no creative blocks – just visually captivating graphics ready to rock your online world.

*Captions & copy not included.

📽️ Monthly Live Design Tutorials:


Unlock the power of Canva and Instagram with exclusive monthly live tutorials, hosted in this space. 

Whether you're a newbie or just looking to up your design game, I've got you covered. It's like having your very own design guru at your fingertips!

📞 30-Minute Initial Connect Call:


Kickstart your journey with a 30-minute connect call (on Zoom) with yours truly. 

This is a space meant for us to connect, get to know each other, to ask clarifying questions, and for me to fully understand and unravel the design aspects of your brand, business, or company, setting us both on the path to visual success.

📋 Comprehensive Form:


You'll complete a one time google form to share your brands essence with me, uploading logos, branding colours, and specifics on what you love and what you don't want in your designs. 


I'll transform your vision into reality, one stunning graphic at a time, with this pre-given knowledge.

❌ No Strings Attached:


Not loving it? You're in control!

Cancel anytime, no questions asked. I want your creative journey to be as breezy as possible.

Tech isn't your

best friend

The "design eye"

gene skipped you

 Time is your most precious commodity

Full one-on-one support isn't your thing

 Having eye-catching graphics to elevate your brand is your jam!

This Membership is designed for YOU if:

Join at a Tier Level That Works For You!

Graphics Sampler

Up to 3 graphics per month

$57 per month

Graphics Plus

Up to 5 graphics per month


 $67 per month

Check out some of these designs
created for BizMates...

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